Welcome to Solstice Healing Arts Center

Dear Friends,

We just wanted to fill you in some news here at Solstice Healing Arts Center. After being here for six years, our energy medicine school has actually outgrown our space and we are moving onto something bigger and better. This fall we will be moving the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine to the Double Tree Hotel in Milford MA for the five weekends that we will be holding class. This is a wonderful opportunity to expand our class size, bring all three classes and the staff together at the same place and same time and is in general a huge upgrade for the school. Yay!

It does mean that we will be letting go of our space here at the Medway Mill as of August 1, 2014.

Lisa will be keeping her office for her private practice here in the Mill and actually right in the same place where Solstice is so there should be no change for her clients! But just as a heads up, she will be taking a sabbatical from client work for the month of August so that she can finish her book! So if you want a session this summer, get in quick! If you are looking for Lisa and would like to make an appointment feel free to visit her website at www.lisacampion.com.

We really want to thank and honor all the other practitioners and teachers who have been a part of our Solstice family for the past six years. Solstice has been an amazing home for the energy medicine school as well as Lisa’s practice and we will miss the fabulous community that we have created here.
We are planning a big party here sometime in July to go out with a bang, hope to see you then!

The Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine, the first Energy Medicine School to be certified by the State. The three year Healer Training Program is the next step in personal growth for anyone who has been awakened through Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, or Somatic Arts and wants an even deeper self exploration. For more information on the new happenings at the school please visit The Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine

Xoxoxoxo Lisa Campion